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What animals and wildlife are on the farm?

Die Beloofde Land is home to springbok, chickens and two donkeys named Apple and Flower.

Is the water safe to drink?

All units are connected to a filtration system that supplies clean, drinkable borehole water.

Do the hosts live on the farm?

Yes, Sunette and Barry Luus live on the farm and will be available should you need assistance during your stay.

Is there cell phone reception?

There is no cell phone reception on the farm, but there is fast, satellite WiFi in all the rooms.

Is there a shop nearby to buy food and supplies?

There is a small shop around 23km from the farm to buy basics, and larger grocery stores in Uniondale (44km from the farm).

Are there braai facilities?

Die Beloofde Land is located in the critically endangered Shale Renosterveld region. Due to the high risk of veld fires, regretfully no open fires are permitted on the farm.

Is Die Beloofde Land child-friendly?

Die Beloofde Land can accommodate children under the ages of 10 in Die Sonvanger Unit. For their own safety, no children under the age of 10 are allowed in Die Keurboom Unit or Die Visserman Unit. Die Visserman unit is a 1-bedroom unit and can only accommodate 2 adults.

Are my pets allowed?

Die Beloofde Land has various farm animals and wild animals in the area, so for their own safety, we do not allow pets on the farm.

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